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renowacja elementów chromowanych

Restoration of car parts

We restore car parts, including bumpers, fenders, bonnets. We remove chrome from steel elements. We grind, zinc the surfaces and put protective coatings.

Renowacja elementów chromowanych w motocyklach

Restoration of motorcycle parts

Restoration of motorcycle parts We remove old varnish or galvanic coatings and apply new ones. We chrome plate elements, which adds lustre and prevents corrosion.

urządzenie do szkiełkowania i piaskowania

Bead blasting and sand blasting

Beam blasting the surface guarantees smoothness and gives the natural shine to automotive components. Sand blasting allows you to clean any area that is difficult to access.

Wypolerowany samochód, innowacyjne technologie polerowania


We use state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technologies for polishing, grinding and applying new coatings to automotive components.

We restore old and long-forgotten objects to their splendour.


We have been restoring chrome elements since 2003. We deal with chrome plating and renovation of motorcycle and car parts. As a company with tradition and many years of experience, we provide our customers with professional care and, above all, high quality of our services. In combination with cutting-edge technology, we offer polishing, sand blasting, applying new multi-layer galvanic, copper, nickel and chrome coatings. Our qualified team can advise you and answer any questions related to the restoration of car and motorcycle parts. Restoration is our passion!

We look for forward to working with you