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Chrome element restoration


In time, car and motorcycle parts tend to corrode and become prone to damage, leading to poor aesthetics of your vehicle. We know how to restore everything that is forgotten to its original splendour, which is to say we can refurbish old items. By the professional renovation of car and motorcycle parts carried out by us.

Restoration stages

Moto-Chrom deals with the restoration of chrome elements, which consists of several stages. First, we remove old galvanic or varnish coatings by sand blasting and beam blasting. Next, we sand blast the surface to achieve fully smoothed surface and apply a multilayer galvanic coating of copper, nickel and chrome. Such a treatment embellishes the element and protects it against corrosion. Regular chrome polishing perfectly protects the surface and provides a high gloss in all conditions.


Restoration of car and motorcycle parts carried out by the Moto-Chrom is a service that is always carried out using innovative technologies and at the highest possible level.


logo moto-chrom na chromowanym motocyklu