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In the case of old elements with damaged varnish or galvanic coatings, we remove the old coatings without disturbing the base, we supplement any corrosion losses by steel or copper wielding, and then we polish and apply new coatings according to customer requirements. Most often, we cover elements with layers of copper, brass and chrome, which give an impressive result. Thanks to us they shine a new splendour!!! Below you can find a brief description of the activities performed as part of restoration.

  • Removal of old varnish coatings - Often the element has several layers of varnish or has old galvanic coatings. Varnishes are removed using professional solvents, while galvanic coatings are removed using special baths, which electrically remove old chrome, copper or nickel layers.
  • Grinding and polishing - After removing the varnish or galvanic coatings, it is necessary to make the object perfectly smooth, which is achieved by rough grinding followed by final polishing.
  • Application of matt nickel - This is the first galvanic layer on which the remaining layers of the new coating will be put.
  • Application of copper- A layer of copper that protects the object from corrosion, aligns the microporosity, makes it possible to additionally polish it before the final nickel and chrome plating.
  • Gloss nickel application - This thick layer of nickel is the main layer. It makes the surface glossy and it gives it an adequate hardness and protection.
  • Chrome application - The chrome layer is very thin but has the highest hardness and elegant ""white"" gloss in contrast to nickel, which has a yellowish hue.
  • Final cleaning and polishing - At this point we remove stains and tarnishes that showed up after drying. We polish them with soft cloths using specialised polishing and protective pastes.

renowacja części motocyklowych

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