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Bead blasting and sand blasting

Bead blasting and sand blasting is a process for cleaning and polishing surfaces

Bead blasting is similar to sand blasting. In this process, we use differed abradant consisting of glass beads. This technology is mainly used for cleaning aluminium components. The surface after bead blasting is not shiny, but has a silky satin surface, which is partially glossy.

This process provides a great flexibility, which does not cause abrasion, so it can be applied to fragile and brittle elements and products with precise shapes, and the visual result is simply unique, not possible to obtain by applying any other abrasive process.


Sand blasting is an excellent method for getting rid of rust. By using sand particles, we remove the old varnish and paint from the surface. Sand blasting allows you to accurately clean any area that is difficult to access. This method can be used on both small and large surfaces.


Bead blasting and sand blasting are a part of galvanising the surface. Metal coatings can be applied only after thorough cleaning.



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