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Motorcycle part restoration

A special attention must be paid to motorcycles, especially when it comes to the maintenance of components, because most parts of the vehicle are exposed. This may quickly lead to scratches and the surface becoming rusted. A perfect way to regain the former splendour and to maintain motorcycle components is the restoration of the vehicle with the use of appropriate means. Restoration of motorcycle parts carried out by Moto-Chrom is a service consisting in surface galvanisation.

Galvanisation of motorcycle parts

The restoration of motorcycle parts, or galvanisation, consists in the deposition of metals (copper, nickel, chromium) on metal or non-metal elements. As a result, the surface or object being processed becomes shinier. The galvanisation of parts also protects them from corrosion. One of the most effective metals used for galvanising is nickel. Nickel plating has properties that effectively protect various types of motorcycle parts.


Restoration of parts by galvanising is the best, the fastest and the most effective way to protect them.


Galvanising can be applied to many objects and surfaces. Such a process can also be used to restore car parts.




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